In the December 26, 2014, issue of the Texas Register (Volume 39 Number 52), the Finance Commission of Texas and the Texas Credit Union Commission (“commissions”) jointly adopted amendments to the following home equity lending interpretations in the Texas Administrative Code (7 TAC Chapter 153) without changes to the proposed amendments published for comment in the July 4, 2014, issue of the Texas Register (Volume 39 Number 27). The text of the adopted amended interpretations is set out below. To compare the pre-and-post-amended interpretations, please see the July 8, 2014 memorandum on the firm’s website. §153.1.Definitions. Any reference to Section 50 in this interpretation refers to Article XVI, Texas Constitution, unless otherwise noted. These words and terms have the following meanings when used in this chapter, unless the context indicates otherwise: (11) Interest–As used in Section 50(a)(6)(E), “interest” means the amount determined by multiplying the loan principal by the interest rate over a period of time.

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