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Changes to Home Equity Lending in Texas – Final Rules

Please click on the video below to access the Changes to Home Equity Lending in Texas – (S.J.R. 60) – Final Rules presentation. Please make sure you have your speakers on to listen and follow the presentation materials.You may download the documents which are covered in the Changes to Home Equity Lending in Texas – (S.J.R. 60) – Final Rules presentation below within the “Downloads” section.For the best view of the documents open the following PDF file on your computer or download the PDF and follow along with the recorded presentation.

Texas Home Equity Lending – 2016 Update

This memorandum will provide an overview of home equity lending embodied in Article XVI, Section 50, of the Texas Constitution and will also discuss some of the issues lenders face. The full text of Section 50, current to date, is attached to this memorandum (for ease of reference, the home equity and HELOC provisions are highlighted in bold typeface). All references to “sections,” “subsections,” and “parts” in this memorandum refer to the various provisions of Section 50, unless otherwise stated.

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