Our Services

Our services include residential mortgage document preparation, loan fulfillment services, and mortgage law compliance.

Document Preparation

Utilize BM&G’s doc prep capabilities to meet a variety of needs, from meeting practice of law requirements in Texas to drawing compliant packages in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Loan Fulfillment Services

Our clients benefit from our fulfillment services that eliminate their need for detailed and expensive back office operations. These services allow our clients to focus on what they do best: growing their business.

Mortgage Law Compliance

Our attorneys are here to assist you. Have a question? Just give them a call—each attorney answers their own phone. Have a more detailed question? Send us an e-mail at Attorneys@bmandg.com.

Client Testimonials

“Honesty, integrity and a partner I can count on are top of mind when I consider my relationship with Black, Mann & Graham. Having done business with this firm from the day I entered the business in the mid ’90s, every mortgage group I have owned and managed has partnered with BM&G. They are more than just a real estate docs provider; they are a trusted resource for real-estate-related legal questions and everything in between.”
Chris Sizemore

Gibraltar Mortgage Services, LLC

“The people of Black, Mann & Graham have earned our trust and respect as consistent and reliable business partners over 15 years of partnership. As we’ve begun our newest endeavor into the Texas marketplace, there was no choice to be made. Black, Mann, & Graham is the firm for us.”
Geri Farr

Bay Equity

“As a Loan Closer of 25 years, the Partners at Black, Mann & Graham, LLC have become more than just a resource of valuable services and support. For each opportunity I am afforded, Black, Mann & Graham, LLP remains my preferred Texas Attorney Doc Prep provider due to their knowledgeable supporting staff, personable customer service as well as their outstanding, well-versed and tailored Partners.”
Jean Schmidt

Cherry Creek Mortgage

“Whether handling docs for a ‘normal’ closing or helping us navigate through intricate legal issues that emerge on a challenging file, Black, Mann & Graham is always willing to go above and beyond in their service. Throughout my career, I have not partnered with a company that has been more vital to my success.”
Wes Pakebusch

GSB Mortgage, Inc.