The Finance Commission of Texas and the Texas Credit Union Commission (“Commissions”) have jointly revised the following home equity Interpretations: §153.22 (Copies of Documents) and §153.84 (Restrictions on Devices and Methods to Obtain a HELOC Advance) to comply with the December 4, 2007 amendments to §§50(a)(6) and (t)(3), Article XVI, of the Texas Constitution. These revised Interpretations are published in the July 4, 2008 issue of the Texas Register and became effective July 10, 2008. The full text of revised §§153.22 and 153.84 are printed below along with our comments contained at the end of each Interpretation: “§153.22.Copies of Documents: Section 50(a)(6)(Q)(v). At closing, the lender must provide the owner with a copy of the final loan application and all executed documents that are signed by the owner at closing in connection with the equity loan. One copy of these documents may be provided to married owners. This requirement does not obligate the lender to give the owner copies of documents that were signed by the owner prior to or after closing.”

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