The 2013 Renewal Period in NMLS begins November 1 and goes through December 31. The following steps will help you prepare for and complete the renewal process in NMLS. Step 1 – Prepare for the renewal process NMLS has prepared a Renewal Handbook for state-licensed company and individual users to guide them through the renewal process. The handbook will provide information on how to prepare to request renewal of licenses in NMLS. • Renewal Handbook for Companies • Renewal Handbook for Individuals Do I need to renew my license if I received my approval for licensure after November 1, 2012? See State-Specific Renewal FAQs. Step 2 – Log in to NMLS and make sure your record is up to date Make sure you can log in, with your user name and password. If you need assistance recovering your password and/or username to log into NMLS, utilize the “Forgot your User Name/password” hyperlinks on the NMLS login screen to do so. A brief video is available to assist you with this process. All records must be up to date and in an approved status before requesting renewal. Use the Preparing for Renewal Quick Guide to review the information on record and to confirm the license/registration status’.

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