This is to advise all clients that on January 5, 2011, FHA published the above Mortgagee letter (copy attached) notifying all FHA mortgagees that FHA will begin collecting the unique identifiers assigned by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) to individuals and entities participating in the origination of loans submitted for insurance by FHA at a number of points in the lender approval and loan origination processes, as described below. 1. FHA will collect the NMLS company ID of lenders seeking approval to participate in FHA programs at application. 2. FHA will collect the NMLS company ID for lenders seeking to renew their FHA lender approval at time of renewal. 3. FHA will collect the NMLS company ID of Sponsored Third Party Originators (TPO) from the sponsoring FHA-approved mortgagee at time of TPO registration with FHA. 4. FHA will collect the NMLS unique identifiers of the following parties involved in the origination of a loan submitted for FHA insurance endorsement at the time of case number assignment: • The loan officer who took the application from the applicant, and • For TPO loans, the TPO company name and TIN. 5. FHA will capture the company name, TIN and NMLS ID (if applicable) of a sponsored TPO company on the revised form HUD 92900-A, “HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application (dated 9/2010).” The revised form 92900A must be used for all loan applications taken by a sponsored TPO, which may be obtained at

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