Felicia Johnson, who works in the fulfillment department in Houston, is a relative newcomer to the firm, having just celebrated her third anniversary. She calls Tiffany Bahney the ‘best boss I’ve ever had’ and compliments her supervisor’s vast knowledge, upbeat attitude, and constant presence to help and provide support.  

 Felicia has been in the mortgage fulfillment business for about 25 years and says BMG does things right. She loves the firm’s promise of being Prompt, Personable, and Precise and tries to live by that code daily. She loves that everyone on the team is more like family, supportive and caring. Felicia appreciates her teammates and says she adores them all.  

A Houston native, Felicia describes her life as work-centric, but she does enjoy taking time for family and traveling. She recently returned from her second trip to Belize, where she and her sister got to experience the country’s Independence Day festivities. She also snorkeled for the first time, enjoying the crystal-clear water where she could see down to the ocean floor. In the melting pot nation, she enjoyed great native food, which she describes as a cross between Jamaican and Mexican.  

In addition to her sister, Felicia enjoys spending time with her mom, dad, and her fur niece Athena, her sister’s 66-pound Boxer-Blackmouth Cur mix.  Later this month, she will spend Christmas with her sister and parents in Austin.  

Felicia says she is incredibly grateful for her job at BMG and attributes her work ethic to values instilled in her by her attorney dad and her mom, who brought her to work starting at age 7.  

Thank you, Felica, for your excellent work and for going the extra mile for our team and clients!  

Felicia (on the left) and sister Rachel take to the high seas in Belize.

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