By Diane Gleason

Unexpectedly, the loan volume at the Houston office has increased significantly during the pandemic. It required the whole Houston team to go into overdrive to keep up with client demand. Early mornings, late evenings and weekends became the norm with the whole team pitching in to do their part.

In an effort to alleviate some of that overtime, the Houston office made a decision to make an unprecedented move and bring on six trainees at one time. That was in addition to the three trainees that Robin Lyons and I were already working with. After a week of orientation and training with Christana Coleman, the group came to the Houston office and hit the ground running.

Following a crash course over a weekend to cover Closing Express, Texas law, surveys, red flags and more, the six trainees were ready and willing to get down to work. The six caught on quickly and with the new loan volume they generated, more than 5 current employees were required to perform the Quality Control on their files. Everyone wanted to pitch in to get the trainees up to speed as quickly as possible.

The training continues but as the nine additional staff members become increasingly independent, they will provide some much-needed relief for the Houston staff and result in faster turn times and better customer service for our clients. These are goals that we always keep in mind.

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