Our regularly updated library of Clients and Friends Memos is your one-stop resource for perspectives on the latest industry and regulatory developments. Short on time? No problem — we’ll be sharing a quick recap on recent memos here with links for additional information.   

Fair Housing Act Disparate Impact Regulation Revised

The revised rule places more burden of evidence on a person claiming that they were disparately impacted by a practice or procedure and establishes a uniform standard for determining when a housing policy or practice with a discriminatory effect violates the Fair Housing Act.

Texas Finance Commission Proposes Amendments to Chapter 80 and Chapter 81 of the Texas Administrative Code

The proposed amendments include, but are not limited to, clarifications of scope, definitions, required disclosures, advertising, books and records, and prohibition on false, misleading or deceptive practices and improper dealings.

Texas Finance Commission Revises §155.2 (7 TAC Chapter 155) and Payoff Statement Form for Home Loans

The amendment requires the commission to adopt rules governing requests by title insurance companies for payoff information from mortgage servicers related to home loans and the provision of that information, including rules prescribing a standard payoff statement form that must be used by mortgage servicers to provide payoff statements.

Flood Insurance Proposed Interagency Questions and Answers

The proposed interagency questions and answers reorganize, revise and expand the existing Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Flood Insurance.

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