To our Clients and Friends,


A core value at Black, Mann, and Graham is to demonstrate a caring attitude for our clients and for each other.


Throughout the past weeks there have been countless news stories about the state of the world and the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. We at BMG would like to take the time to reach out and make sure that our clients understand that we’ve got this one from our side. This should allow you to focus on something more important; you and your loved ones’ wellbeing.

As of today, we have more than a third of our staff working from their home sites. By Monday morning all our employees, aside from a small skeleton crew, will have been relocated to remote work areas for the time being.

Our office locations will stay open with key staffing, giving us the capacity to maintain a safe, and healthy work environment, while still catering to the need of our trusted business partners. We have a plan in place to relocate these key staff members as well, if necessary.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all as we endure these hardships together. If there is anything, we at Black, Mann, and Graham can do for you and your family please do not hesitate to reach out. The professional and personal relationships that we have developed with each customer mean a great deal to us. Thank you to all of our clients and friends for continuing to trust us with your business.

And please, stay safe as we all look forward to clearer skies in the weeks to come.


Wishing you the best,

Partners at Black, Mann, & Graham


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