Managing Partner Thomas E. Black, Jr.

Late last year I shared my diagnosis of prostate cancer, and since early this year I’ve been under the excellent care of doctors and staff at MDAnderson in Houston. In August, I got to ring the bell, signifying the end of my radiation therapy — or “microwave cooking classes,” as I jokingly called the treatments.

The bell-ringing tradition began at the hospital in 1999 when Rear Admiral Irve Le Moyne told his doctors he would follow a Navy tradition of ringing a bell when the job was done. He brought his bell to his last treatment and rang it three times. The bell still stands today with the inscription:

Ring this bell, three times well. Its toll to clearly say, my treatment’s done — the course is run. And I am on my way.

Under normal circumstances, my wife Bridget would have been with me, but because these are unique times calling for socially distanced protocols, she joined me for the bellringing via FaceTime. With this chapter closed, I’m reminded of life’s many blessings, and especially those of a loving family, a world-class team at BM&G, and caring friends across the globe.

My heartfelt thanks to the many who reached out to me during my treatments — from throughout Texas to Buffalo, South Bend to Anna Maria Island. Meanwhile, life goes on, and we march forward into Fall. I’m doing well, and after a short break with Bridget in my Florida happy place, I’m back at work.

It’s not lost on me that many are struggling with hardship these days, so if the spirit moves you, I’d be honored if you wanted to make a donation to the North Texas Food Bank or Houston Area Food Bank.

Thank you for your continued support.

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