Thumbing through Southwest Airlines’ magazine on a flight a few months back, I came across this letter penned by my friend Gary Kelly. As I read about his great admiration for the 55,000 employees of his much-admired brand, I realized that though BM&G is but a tiny fraction of his airline, we have one thing in common: a deep respect and appreciation for our teams.

Gary writes of the importance of depending on others for their skill sets, and I believe we do that well at our firm.   Some of us are great organizers and project managers, while others excel in technology or customer relations, finance, and legal affairs. Together, the sum of our parts is a magnificent thing!

He emphasizes team work, and I know how powerful and effective our collaboration is. In recent months, we’ve seen it first-hand as we moved quickly together to work in new and different ways to ensure no interruptions in service for our clients — all while handling never-before-seen volumes of business.

Last, Gary highlights respect for others and their views. I wouldn’t want a world — or a firm — where every team member was a clone of the next. It’s our diversity that makes us great — diversity in ideas and in every other sense. I believe respect for one another is at the core of BM&G, and I’m thankful it’s ingrained in our culture.

When we started this firm more than 20 years ago, we knew teamwork would be key to our success, and we highlight it in our core values: Insist on teamwork and honest communication. On behalf of the partners of BM&G, I’d like to express a heartfelt thank you to each of our employees for their contributions, ideas, and good old-fashioned hard work, which has never been more apparent than in recent months.