Each month we’re profiling a member of the BM&G team who’s gone the extra mile — above and beyond the call of duty — for the team and our clients. This month, we’re featuring Flower Mound Client Operations & Sales Liaison Christana Coleman.

In addition to her client onboarding role, Christana’s responsibilities recently were expanded to include recruiter and trainer, helping onboard our most recent class of new hires. But recruiting, hiring and training these days calls for a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, including using our screen-share platform — which has traditionally been used for clients — to onboard and train new team members.  (Thank you, IT department!)  

Despite the challenge of not being able to meet most of our newest employees in person, Christana says it’s been rewarding to virtually meet everyone and make them feel part of the BM&G family. 

“We want them to feel part of the team, part of our family culture,” Christana says. “But the challenge was bringing them aboard and make them feel part of the family without physically meeting. The answer has been Zoom and similar technologies that allow us to connect virtually.”  

Adaptability has been the mantra of the team, learning new ways of doing business, and getting comfortable with technology to connect and stay in touch. Since the pandemic, Christana says the same tools she uses to connect with our newest members of the BM&G family also allows her the opportunity to get to know many clients better. 

Christana, thank you for your dedication to our new team members – and for making everyone feel at home!

It’s been an unusual year, but one thing that’s remained constant is our focus on hiring talented people who espouse our customer-first philosophy. From time to time, I’ll shine the spotlight on our newer hires who are living our core values. Hired in July, Dallas Loan Coordinator Monica Patterson is known for her dedication, hard work, and providing prompt, precise and personable service to those 

While onboarding during an era of record volume and an unprecedented global health crisis hasn’t been the most ideal scenario, she has hit the ground running, acting as a bit of a ‘first responder’ for the Dallas team. 

“Monica has become a valuable member of the team,” Lisa adds. “She never loses her cool and works extremely hard to help the team stay caught up on logging in files. I love the positivity and calming influence that she brings to the office.” 

Outside of the office, Monica is a mother to a one-year-old little boy named Thomas, and just recently got engaged to her fiancé Bobby. Fun fact, she is also the sister of Dallas Legal Assistant Marykay Aguilar. 

I am continuously astonished by the amazing work the Class of 2020 puts in daily, and I want to thank you Monica for your dedication to the firm, your team, and our wonderful clients!