Dallas Operations Manager Lisa Costilla

Each month we’re profiling a member of the BM&G team who’s gone the extra mile — above and beyond the call of duty — for the team and our clients. This month, we’re featuring Dallas Operations Manager Lisa Costilla.

Lisa Costilla says her parents, both raised on farms, instilled in her an early work ethic and lessons about adaptability and perseverance that have paid off in the current work environment. The Dallas Operations Manager draws on those qualities regularly as she and her team navigate the new norm of work life and providing excellent client support in the Coronavirus era.

These days, Lisa manages a small skeleton crew, with the majority of her team working from home offices. Despite their physical distance, Lisa has found ways to keep the team connected, and makes herself available to them 24/7. She begins each day with an email to the team, often with a funny comment or meme to motivate the troops. If a timely matter arises, her team knows they can call her cell anytime.

Although Lisa misses seeing her work family, she’s quick to say there have been some silver linings to life during the pandemic. For one, her team has drawn even closer together, with employees checking regularly on their co-workers and pitching in to help on client work.

In addition, Lisa says that her crew has never worked more collaboratively than they do today, rising to the challenge of supporting an unprecedented volume of business. Another upside — the office moved to a paperless environment more quickly than planned, thanks to the pandemic. Team members came up with some creative and innovative ways to make that happen with an ‘access queue’ allowing everyone in the office to see progress, status and ownership of files.

Lisa credits her small in-office group and those working in home offices for coming together at this busy time, working long hours, evenings and even some weekends. She says family — she has three children in North Texas, including a daughter and her family just down the street — has been her rock and support throughout this busy time.

Thank you, Lisa, for all you do for our firm and our clients!

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