Donna and her husband Donald Badgley

Ask Donna Badgely what it’s like being part of the BMG family, and she’ll tell you she can’t imagine working anywhere else. The Houston-based post-closing supervisor started at the firm nearly 20 years ago in the Doc Prep department.  

As with the rest of the BMG team, Donna has adjusted to working from home, and says there’s a silver lining that comes from life without a daily commute. From home, she’s able to care for her 85-year-old mother, who lives with Donna and her husband, Donald (pictured here at a 2003 BMG holiday party). She’s also able to keep a close eye on her four-legged office mate, a rescue kitten named Coco who’s generally tolerated by the other family pets.

“I miss the camaraderie of the office, and not being able to see my teammates and ask about their families,” the New England native says. “But I do enjoy the simplicity of working from home, and being able to do my job and serve clients just as I would in the office.”  

Donna attributes her tenure at BMG to the partners who created a culture of integrity and honesty, adding, “I met Calvin almost 20 years ago and he and partners would do anything for our team. They’re 100% behind us. Without a doubt, this is the best company to work for!”


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