Since joining Black, Mann, & Graham, L.L.P., I’ve found that many of our clients are drawn to the Firm for its high level of service in providing prompt, sound legal advice. Easy access to our impressive group of attorneys is an integral part of our brand, and we see the value it brings to our clients every day. In addition to on-demand legal counsel, another resource our clients find particularly valuable is the training services we provide to clients.  


You may be aware of training videos and resources found on our website here, but our attorneys also regularly provide complimentary training presentations on several topics. Clients that are new to Texas find our “Welcome to Texas” and “What Makes Texas Different” training particularly useful as they begin to navigate the complexities of Texas real property law. In addition, our “Texas 50(a)(6) Home Equity Lending” training is always in high demand as a great refresher course to keep clients up to date on the most common issues in Texas home equity lending.  


We continue to work on new training topics for our clients, and can tailor training to meet your specific needs, client preferences, and formats. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in training opportunities available to clients. 

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