Over the next three months, our Flower Mound-based Closing Manager is sharing — in her words — what it means to deliver Prompt, Personable, and Precise service to our clients. First up — the importance of being prompt:

With the current industry experiencing production levels at new record highs, the importance of being prompt is crucial. Here are Black, Mann & Graham, we make a promise to our Clients to be Prompt, giving peace of mind and confidence in our ability to complete their request with urgency.

Being prompt serves many purposes for all involved and can help set expectations for turn-times and can help cut down on “follow-up” phone calls and duplicate emails for status.

Taking the time to give a quick response to an email or phone call that the request is received and in line for review, or providing an ETA on a request, lets the client know we are working diligently to provide the necessary items needed to complete the transaction. Promptness is the best way to convey to our clients their request is received and is as important to us as is it to them.

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