As we kick off a new year, I’d like to shine a spotlight on our team members who recently celebrated a milestone anniversary with our firm. Their dedication and commitment to our core values, to one another and to our clients are reasons why BMG is a Top Workplace:

5-year Anniversary

Cindy Pena
Judy Nelson
Richard Ojeda
Carol Mabe
Janey Moore
Ayse Yigit
Gabriel Flores
Susan Button
Kaylie Carlton
Jerilyn Williams
Wendy Hrncir
Jose Paiz
Zachary Howell
MaryKay Aguilar
Mary Alexander
Stacy Stoltz
Tynisha Dumas
Marc Sanders


10-year Anniversary

Cheryl Strauch
Julie Rauscher
Kim Nigro
Syndy Davis
Liz Puente
Barbara Murray
Chris O’Meara


20-year Anniversary

Viet Le
Kathryn Bullin
Lisa Costilla
Robin Lyons
Jo Bates
Mary Bilton
Hang Nguyen
Lorna Uribe
Donna Badgley

Congratulations to these team members!


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