Dear Team,  


One of the themes I have written about is the importance of networking and prioritizing continuing education to stay current with our rapidly evolving industry.  These opportunities take many forms – and an easy way to get started is the MBA’s Mortgage Action Alliance, where you can lend your voice and impact our future.  You will have a chance to collaborate and share ideas with peers from across the country while staying up to date with the latest issues affecting our business.    


This month, BMG’s leadership and sales team will attend two important networking and continuing education opportunities.  First is the National Association of Mortgage Professionals (NAMB) convention in Las Vegas, October 7-10.  We look forward to this gathering and view it as an important time to see our clients and emphasize the importance of our relationships with them.    


The second is the MBA’s Annual Convention and Expo, which takes place October 23-26 in Nashville.  I’m looking forward to seeing many of our friends and hearing from excellent guest speakers from the worlds of politics, entertainment, and finance.  As with NAMB, it’s an ideal moment to check in with our clients and meet prospective ones.  
Continuing your education and networking can also take place locally, and I urge you to consider participating in local MBA gatherings, charity events, and learning opportunities.  Please stop by to visit any of the sales team or partners if you’d like to learn more about getting involved.  We would welcome your involvement.