Some months ago, I attended Disney University in Orlando to learn from the customer experience experts at one of the world’s most beloved companies.  As a long-time Disney fan, I wanted to hear about how they delight their customers, so that we might apply some of those best practices as part of our firm’s goal to continuously improve our service.

During my Disney time, I was reminded that customer service and competition are interrelated.  You see, Disney understands that building a competitive advantage in the market place depends on delivering a customer experience different from its competitors.  That caught my attention!

Providing excellent customer service – and standing out from the crowd of competitors – is not a new goal for our firm.  In fact, it’s been a priority since the day we opened our doors.  But we can always do better, and I was inspired and energized by what I learned at Disney.

How are we applying those learnings to be the Disney of Doc Prep?  We’re starting by examining our processes with every customer – internal and external – at every contact to make sure we’re maintaining a client focus and delivering exceptional service.  To that end, we’ll be meeting face-to-face with our largest clients to talk about our relationship, and how we might improve our service.

We’ll also prioritize researching and pursuing new technology to streamline our service to you.  And we’ll continue to find new ways to share industry and employee news and best practices – including this newsletter and social media.  We’ll refresh our training materials and create We’ll create new videos and presentations – to inform you and make your jobs easier.  And we’ll work on our internal training and develop new policies and procedures to ensure fairness and transparency in the workplace.

Exceptional customer service isn’t just a tagline or a poster with us.  It starts at the top and permeates our culture and our relationships with you.  We’re excited about this journey to become the Disney of Doc Prep.  If you know anyone who would benefit from our exceptional service, we’d appreciate the referral.

Enjoy your summer!