Since moving to Texas more than two decades ago, I associate October with three things – college football, cooler temperatures, and taxes!  Because Texas counties begin collecting taxes this month, the timing seems right to roll out our second video “Taxes in Texas” presented by our Houston-based Partner Regina Uhl.

A common scenario this time of year is closing on a transaction where some tax bills are out (due and payable) while others have not been billed.  In this situation, you can’t collect and pay tax bills you haven’t received yet, right?  So, how should a lender handle this potentially sticky scenario?  In our latest video, you’ll get simple instructions to ensure a seamless closing.

Since our firm’s founding, keeping our clients informed about the laws, rules and regulations that govern our industry has been a top priority.  And as our company grew, more and more clients told us they appreciated – and relied on – our updates and interpretation of initiatives that govern the way we do business.  It’s part of the value-add we provide clients, as we look at new ways to get timely information to you through more channels like monthly newsletters and our weekly LinkedIn and Facebook posts.

We’ll continue to share our take on industry developments, and we always appreciate your feedback on how we’re doing or topics of interest.  Meantime, we’ll be rolling out additional videos in coming months on important topics like LO Compensation, Renovation Loans, and Joinder of Spouse Requirements – for Refinance and Purchase in Texas.

I wish each of you a happy fall season!