Linda Rollins is the longest-tenured employee at BM&G where she’s clocked 22 years with her ‘work family.’  She started working for Tom Black in April 1997, and in those early days, she wore lots of hats, reviewing files and doing what needed to be done around the office.  She credits the work environment that Tom established in the early years, and later with Calvin Mann and Greg Graham – in addition to Tom’s sense of fairness, his generosity and humor – for her longevity at BM&G.

“Tom’s humor has been on display since joining the firm, and he’s always kidded me about calling in sick on my first day of work,” Linda shared.  “I did show up on my first day, but I had a horrible sinus infection, so after my lunch break, I called and told him that I couldn’t work that afternoon.  Fortunately, I felt better the next day, but the story has gotten better with time!”

In fact, the culture at BM&G tends to promote longevity.  Four other employees celebrated their 20-year milestone last year:  Shelly Rubey, Grace Maher, Bridget Taylor and Vikki Aquadro.  In all, nearly 30 percent of all employees have 15 or more years of service.