Ask BM&G Partner Shawn Black what he’s most proud of, and he’ll tell you about his wife of more than 25 years, Kathy, and their teenage twin sons, Liam and Patrick.  When the opportunity to join BM&G arose, Shawn and Kathy loaded up their young family in 2003, and headed west from their native Buffalo.  As many families with teenagers will tell you, life has been from dull.

Patrick has been playing hockey since age 7, and is on Marcus High School’s hockey team, while Liam has been an avid golfer since age 10, and plays on Marcus’ golf team.  In addition to sports, there are academics and plenty of school activities, time with friends, and family outings to professional sporting events.  The highlight of the summer is a trip back to Buffalo to visit family and old friends.

Being affiliated with BM&G has paved the way to a great work-life balance for Shawn, who gives credit for his sons to Kathy.  Despite their schedules, the family finds time to volunteer.  Shawn serves on the board of Pediplace, which provides free healthcare to uninsured children, and is also a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Denton County.  Kathy and the boys volunteer at Christian Community Action, as well as their Church.