At BM&G, we talk a lot about our values – a code of conduct for how we treat one another and serve our customers.  Our values serve us well, and we like to remind you of them from time to time:

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and trust
  • Maintain a customer focus – every customer, every contact.
  • Demonstrate a caring attitude for our clients.
  • Insist on teamwork and honest communication.
  • Treat one another with respect.
  • Improve continuously.

This month we’ll focus on maintaining a customer focus – and we do that, in part, by informing you about the ever-evolving legal and compliance issues that affect our industry.  We pass on to you timely news, our interpretation of it, and advice so you can better serve your customers and your team.

If you’re not already signed up for our friends and family memos, go to our website’s resource page and scroll to the bottom to complete a short form.  It’s the easiest ways for you to stay current on news you can use, and while you’re on the resource page, check out our articles and videos, which can be searched by keyword.

Thank you for putting your trust in the BM&G team and for being part of our family.