Here is the final installment of @Thomas E. Black Jr.’s Expert Counsel interview with @Housing Wire, describing our firm’s client offerings.

HW: What kind of resources do you offer — not just to clients, but to anybody in the mortgage industry?

TB: We believing strongly in sharing our knowledge with clients to help them better serve their customers. Our firm is known for this practice, and we offer training through videos, presentations, and our Clients and Friends Memos that recap and interpret issues, policies and regulations that affect us all, whether at the state or federal level. In addition, we speak regularly at mortgage functions. Our library is really one-stop shopping for a wealth of information found on our website’s Resources tab.

We have recently completed production on eight new videos to be released soon on a variety of important topics such as Texas Survey Requirements, Correction Instruments, and Renovation Loans to name a few.

Further, you can find us on social media – LinkedIn and Facebook – where we post best practices, industry news, profiles on our team members, and our work to support important causes and missions in the communities we serve.

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