Being a champion for our industry is something each of us can do to support the health of our business. I have been involved in advocacy since my early days in the industry, and found it is a great way to lend your voice, and meet others in our industry and those who make the laws that govern us.

The good news is you can use your voice in a number of ways to educate elected officials on legislation and regulations that impact us. In March, I joined several other BMG team members, participating in the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association’s 2021 Advocacy Day. In total, 78 TMBA members participated, and although our meetings were held it a virtual format, we held 34 productive meetings with legislators and their staff, providing our industry’s point of view on issues important to us.

On the federal level, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s National Advocacy Conference takes place May 11-12. Like the TMBA advocacy effort, the MBA’s event is virtual this year. Participants will have an opportunity to meet with key elected officials and their staffs, and learn about pending legislation that may impact our industry.

If you are interested in supporting our industry but just getting started, you may consider joining the MBA’s Mortgage Action Alliance. It is voluntary, non-partisan and free, and good way to get involved in a nationwide grassroots lobbying network for our industry.

Thank you.

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