We have posted three sample forms for use with the new GFE. They are:(1) Notification of Expiration of Good Faith Estimate – Suggest to be used when 10 business days have passed and the borrower has not expressed an intent to proceed.(2) Receipt of GFE – Lenders are prohibited from including a signature line on the new GFE. This form allows the borrower to express an immediate intent (yes or no) or provides evidence of receipt for the running of the ten business day period.(3) Written List of Providers – As to certain settlement providers for whom borrowers can shop, this is a suggested form for the required disclosure to the borrower. Sample Closing Instructions – Sample Black, Mann & Graham L.L.P. Closing Instructions (5) Change Circumstance – Changed Circumstance or Borrower Requested Change Letter(6) Construction Disclosure – Construction Disclosure

Complete Memorandum