She’s been a mainstay at Black, Mann & Graham since shortly after the firm first opened its doors in 2000, and after more than two decades of faithful service – not counting her years at Shanks & Butler, P.C. law firm with Calvin and Greg – Diane Gleason is retiring on October 14.   

We wanted to ask those who know her best to share their reflections about Diane. Here’s what they had to say:  

Dave Dulock   

Diane is a dear friend and colleague I have known for 30 years. She is a joy to work with because of her kind, patient, and friendly nature. She is always available to assist co-workers and clients. Her knowledge and advice regarding mortgage law and compliance issues not only help our co-workers and clients, but they are also a reason the firm is respected by our peers and the mortgage lending community. On a personal note, Diane is generous with her time and resources for those in need. I will miss Diane professionally, but more importantly, as a friend.  

Syndy Davis  

For over three decades, you have been the rock that holds us all together. From the first time I met you in the small “attorney lunchroom” library at Greenway Plaza, you have been an incredible mentor and friend to me. I am sad you are leaving but know that any path you choose to take in your retirement days will be a much brighter place because of you.  

Greg Graham  

I have known and worked with Diane since the beginning of her legal career back in the early 1990s, and, more importantly, learned so much from her. I think of her as a dear friend, and cherish her always positive attitude, which is to meet every client, team member, and person with the deepest sense of grace, kindness, respect, and intelligence. She is the hardest working, most generous, and completely selfless person and will always be truly missed. Without Diane’s countless sacrifices and contributions, this firm would never have earned the great reputation that it has in the legal community. It has been a true honor knowing and working with Diane and I wish her the greatest success in the next chapter of her life.  

Tom Black  

When Calvin retired in 2016, I moved temporarily to Houston to manage the office. I would come into the office early – and Diane was always there to greet me. She was also the last person to leave each day, wanting to make sure each team member arrived home safely. She has an incredible work ethic and is truly an amazing lady. Those who know her well know she is very modest and that she’s a real legal talent. We all wish her our very best in retirement.   

Calvin Mann  

Of all the lawyers I’ve met and known over my 49-year career, I have never seen anyone who could compare to Diane’s calm and thoughtful demeanor.  If the true test of a person is their level of grace under pressure, Diane would be at the top of the list.  I would never have been able to market and grow the firm had it not been for Diane’s presence in the office to help take care of our clients and the staff. Diane worked with me at the Shanks & Butler, P.C. law firm and joined me shortly after we formed BMG in January 2000.  Diane is one of the few who can be succeeded but never replaced.  

To say that we will miss you is a vast understatement, Diane! Thank you for your decades of mentorship, talent, and service to our BMG family and clients.   

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