This month we shine the spotlight on Houston-based Legal Assistant Mary Bilton who will celebrate 20 years with BMG this November. Mary attributes her longevity to the family-like atmosphere at the firm.
She also believes BMG is run very smoothly, and she gives props to Houston Office Manager Robin Lyons and Attorney Diane Gleason, who motivate the team with their fantastic work ethic.

Mary says she’s especially appreciative of the way BMG has treated the team throughout the pandemic. “They’ve taken care of us like we were their children, even feeding us every day at lunch in the office, and making sure we were well compensated. That meant so much to me and the rest of the team. I feel truly blessed.”

When Mary is not working, she loves to travel with her sister to historic sites (pictured here at the gravesite of Thomas Jefferson at the Monticello Estate in Charlottesville, VA), as well as cities that are home to Roman Catholic basilicas, the designation given to certain churches granted special privileges by the Pope. Mary likes to purchase rosary beads when she visits a basilica, leaving them behind at her next stop to bless the person who finds them. So far, she and her sister have visited basilicas in Washington, DC; South Carolina; and most recently Santa Fe, NM, where she has vivid memories of spending time on the plaza and admiring the beautiful sky.

The native of Grand Coteau, Louisiana, also has a brother who lives with her in Houston. They enjoy spending time with their sister who lives in Centerville, Texas, especially when her sister makes their favorites, gumbo and pralines.

Mary, thank you for your service and being part of the BMG family!


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