Dallas Legal Assistant Janey Moore began her BM&G career in fulfillment before moving to doc prep. She has worked in the mortgage industry since 1972 and has been with Black, Mann & Graham for six years. Janey is very passionate about her work with the firm. She says the work is always varied – it never feels mundane or repetitive. Through the process of reviewing docs for accuracy, she is able to stay up to date on the latest industry knowledge, and – if an error is discovered during her review – she takes that as an opportunity to communicate with the attorneys and further her own knowledge base. As every file she reviews is unique, Janey says her work always keeps her on her toes.  

In addition to thoroughly enjoying her work, Janey also says that BM&G is one of the most generous places she has ever worked. She says the firm’s leaders treat their employees like real people and are always fair and communicative. Any issue she’s ever had – be it personal or professional – has always been handled with grace and care. She is especially impressed with the dedication of her office’s managing partner, Greg Graham, who sends an email to the team every evening expressing his appreciation for the team, thanking them for their work and wishing them a good night.  

Outside of work, Janey likes to stay active and busy. She enjoys traveling, hiking, fishing, crafting and spending time with friends. Janey is a mom to two grown sons, a grandma to two grandsons and a dog mom to her Dachshund-mix, Stella. She loves being a grandma and spoils her grandsons every chance she gets. As one of her favorite T-shirts says, “the greatest moms get promoted to grandma”.  

Janey, thank you for being part of our team and always going the extra mile to support your colleagues and our clients! 

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