Alyssa Berard, a legal assistant in the Dallas office, has been with BM&G for seven years. She prepares documents and assists as needed, ordering lunches, and making sure the kitchen is well-stocked.  

She loves the family feel of the Dallas office. Alyssa said everyone cares so much and is supportive and ready to celebrate one another. She appreciated the extra ways BM&G took care of its employees during the pandemic, again pointing to the genuine care the firm has for its staff. Alyssa also likes the fact that there is no competition between co-workers, with everyone there to support and encourage each other. 

Outside of work, Alyssa loves to learn about ancient civilizations, specifically Egypt! Watching The Mummy sparked her interest in the topic, and since then she loves reading about it and visiting exhibits like the King Tut Experience in the Smithsonian. One day she would like to learn to read hieroglyphics. She also loves spending time with her family. They enjoy going to church on Sundays and having brunch afterward. And her favorite way to unwind is at home with her two cats. 

Thank you for going the extra mile, Alyssa!