You may remember my recent challenge to my friends and colleagues to make a donation to local food banks to honor me. The BM&G family has really taken the challenge to heart, and I couldn’t be more proud! They’ve struck up a friendly competition to see which office can raise the most money for North Texas Food Bank and Houston Area Food Bank this month.

Teams in each office have gotten quite creative, setting up snack bars, organizing silent auctions, and filling up cash jars. Bridget and I are so impressed, we told them we would match the total raised. We’ll report the total funds raised in the April newsletter.

Meantime, if you’d like to donate to the North Texas Food Bank or Houston Area Food Bank, we’d be honored. Just click on the links, and remember that just one dollar can buy three meals for our hungry neighbors.

See you soon.

Pictured above: Flower Mound employees surveying the items available during their silent auction to raise money.

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