In 2022, the firm established the Diane Gleason Commitment Award to be presented annually to the BMG employee who embodied Diane’s commitment to the firm, its employees, and clients.  Diane’s hard work and determination, coupled with her focus on the firm’s seven core values, set the gold standard for everyone at our firm.


Last year’s award was presented to Dallas office manager Lisa Costilla at the annual holiday party in December.  Steve Kubik remarked that Lisa was a beloved leader in the firm’s Dallas office, knew the firm’s clients and processes in and out, and regularly exemplified BMG’s core values of integrity, hard work, and compassion.  Steve said that the firm would be hard-pressed to find someone more deserving of the award.


He added that Lisa ‘does it all’ and on top of her managerial duties, was quick to grab clients’ files throughout the day, assist with onboarding, and field questions from clients and staff.  Amid her day-to-day tasks, Steve said she still finds time to bring delicious baked treats to the office and organize All-Hands-on Deck days. “We’re lucky to have Lisa on our team, and it only seems fitting that we memorialize our appreciation with this award,” he added.


Diane reflected, “It was such an honor when Black, Mann & Graham established this award. Lisa Costilla was the perfect recipient of the 2023 award. She definitely exhibits the commitment the award recognizes.”


Robin Lyons was Honored with the First Award in 2022


The inaugural Diane Gleason Commitment Award was presented in 2022 to Houston Office Manager Robin Lyons.  In presenting the honor, Calvin stated that Robin consistently met the expectations of our clients, managed challenges head-on, and oversaw the Houston office’s move to Cypress.  All the while, she provided Prompt, Personable, and Precise service to our clients.  Calvin recalled a time that Robin visited an employee’s home after she did not show up to work and was unresponsive to calls and emails.  Due to Robin’s caring attitude, the employee was saved from an emergency health event.


Calvin ended his remarks, saying he couldn’t think of a better inaugural recipient of the Diane Gleason Award.  Together, Robin and Diane collaborated to create the success and office culture that benefits the firm, its team, and its clients today.


Thank you, Lisa and Robin, for setting the bar for the rest of the team.  We appreciate your commitment to our team, our clients, and our culture.  


Pictured above: Lisa Costilla and Steven Kubik