Thanks for your help recently. We REALLY appreciate all that you do for us here – from your “always willing to help” attitude, to your sponsoring of our charitable events, to tolerating us when we call and beg, “can you please get this out for us in 15 minutes??

Just reminiscing here: I think it’s been 12 years since Black, Mann & Graham began handling our transactions. And I introduced you to our Executive Group at PRMI because we were struggling with the complexity of Texas’s “unique” equity lending laws – and it was creating exposure and cost that we needed to mitigate.  In my opinion, it was a perfect fit and I have no doubt that you provided invaluable guidance that prevented an incalculable amount of exposure for us.

And all during that time, which included THOUSANDS of transactions by hundreds of our loan originators, I’ve not rec’d a single complaint about your service – not one – not from a Loan Originator, not from a Closer or funder or Title Company. Zero complaints – remarkable, considering the turmoil that this industry has experienced.

I just wanted to say “Thanks for all you do!”

You guys rock!

Jay Atterson

PRMI Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.