If you’re following along on social media, you may have read that Chance and his Future Leaders team were recognized for their winning plan and presentation at this year’s MBA Annual in Philadelphia.  Chance and his cohort competed against five other teams tasked with creating a mock independent mortgage bank (IMB) or mortgage division of a bank – and forecasting growth over the next few years.


Chance and his team branded their financial institution Baker Street Bank – seeking approval from an appointed ‘board’ to purchase a regional IMB with an existing Joint Venture with a home builder. Following that, the team intended to add four additional builder JVs to scale and grow the mortgage division.


The winner was selected based on a 50/50 weighting of the submitted business plan and the MBA presentation. The board consisted of four people enlisted by the MBA – Dustin Owen of Waterstone Mortgage, Marina Walsh of the MBA, Jennifer Green of The TN Housing Development Agency, and Peter Benjamin of ACUMA.


Chance and his team made their presentation and were honored in front of an audience of colleagues in attendance.  Congratulations to you, Chance!  We are proud of you and your amazing team.