October was a busy month for the sales team and partners who represented BMG at the MBA Annual Convention in San Diego, the NAMB National in Las Vegas, and right here in Texas. At the NAMB event, Rachelle and Calvin solidified important relationships and caught up with the Amerihome team (pictured L-R: Jeremy Hebert, Paul Needles, Dawn Frendsdorf, Calvin Mann, John Hedlund and Julie Jenssen) over dinner.

At the MBA Annual Convention in San Diego, Shawn, Ryan, Chance and Jeff met with a number of clients and friends at the association’s largest annual event. After last year’s virtual conference, the team reported it was great to see industry friends again.

Closer to home, Machelle attended the NXTAMP annual golf tournament and networked with contacts pictured here (starting at top left and moving clockwise: Tracey Raich at Mid-America Mortgage; Carolyn Clark, Realtor/NTXAMP Administrator; April Myrick, Highlands Residential; and Machelle).

Whether it’s a large industry convention or golf tournament in our own backyard, the BMG team does a great job of advocating for our firm!


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