Thursday (November 26) is a federal holiday and should not be counted in the federal three business day right of rescission.


Thursday (November 26 ) is a federal holiday and should not be counted when calculating the seven business day waiting period between the delivery of the initial early disclosures and the closing.  Thursday (November 26) is a federal holiday and should not be counted when calculating the 3 business day waiting period for the 3 business day CD nor if a 3 business day redisclosure of a CD is required prior to closing.


Unless a lender has internal guidelines prohibiting a Texas Home Equity loan from closing on a Federal Holiday, a Texas Home Equity loan may close on Thursday (November 26) if the Home Equity preclosing disclosures are given to the owners and spouses of owners prior to or on Tuesday, November 24, and the closing is during that title company’s normal business hours on the 26th.  Verify with the title company that they will issue the T-42 and T-42.1 with no deletions (other than the agricultural exemption deletions, if applicable)

PLEASE NOTE FOR DISCLOSURE AND FUNDING:  Some lenders will not be open and will not be funding on Thursday (November 26).  If your funding date falls on Thursday  (November 26), please check with your lender and verify whether they will be funding on Thursday (November 26) or Friday (November 27).

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