Continuing our series on how we live our values, we’ll expand here on our fifth value:  treating each other with respect.  Mark Twain once said that our deepest craving is to write someone else’s text, but in reality, we believe a human’s deepest craving is the need to feel important and be appreciated.

In truth, we live in an age where respect seems to be a waning value, but abiding by the Golden Rule is foundational to our way of doing business at Black, Mann & Graham.  From our very beginning we’ve worked to create a workplace where our team members respect themselves, each other, and our wonderful clients.

Why is this important? It’s really quite simple.  When you are respectful of others, you earn back their respect.  Please know that we never take your business for granted.  We work hard to earn your respect each day.  We thank you for your business, your respect, and your trust in us.