This month we’re premiering two new videos on topics worth understanding well to ensure a successful closing: Inter-vivos Revocable Trusts and Closing a Loan Utilizing a Power of Attorney. The first video highlights several considerations to review when closing a loan in the name of a trust, such as whether the trustees have the authority to execute the loan on behalf of the trust.

The second video covers the main elements of using a POA when closing a loan. As an example, you will want to ensure the appointed agent is, in fact, allowed to act as an agent. For more information about Revocable Trusts and POA, click on the link for a refresher on these subject, and always feel free to reach out to our legal team if you need clarification or additional information.

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Texas Legislative Update IV – House Bill 2237 Revises Chapter 53, Property Code, Relating to Mechanic’s, Contractor’s, and Materialman’s Liens