As many of you know, I traded snow tires and frigid winters for the friendlier climes of Texas when moving from my hometown of Buffalo some years ago. After receiving an undergrad degree at Notre Dame (you probably knew that!), I graduated from SUNY Buffalo Law School, and am proud to say it’s become a bit of a family tradition with my son, Ryan, graduating from my alma mater, as well.

Our BM&G family also includes another alum – attorney Dan Engle –  who grew up in Rome, New York. Dan was inspired to enter the legal profession in a most interesting way, and I asked his permission to share his story. After receiving his undergrad degree, Dan worked for a bit as a biology teacher, where he was recruited to coach the mock trial team.

As Dan coached his students, he became interested in law and realized that the legal profession might be an ideal fit for him. He was accepted to law school, and even made the Buffalo Law Review. Dan said the secret to his success in law school was treating the experience like a full-time job.

Dan also found success in his personal life when he met his wife, Megan, after moving to North Texas in 2015. After a first date at a coffee shop, their relationship blossomed, and Dan and Megan were married in December 2017, welcoming family and friends from Texas and New York.

I’m proud that we recruit only the best for our team at BM&G, and we put serving our clients at the top of our priority list. If you’re not already working with us, I hope that you will one day soon!