I recently shared my health report with our team and wanted to take a moment to update you. At the end of the year, I learned that I had prostate cancer, and last month, a scan confirmed that the cancer has spread to one small spot on my pelvis.

Though no one wants to get cancer, there is some good news here: it’s highly manageable! I’ll be getting excellent healthcare, and expect to be going strong for many years to come — or at least until my Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl!

Some have asked if there is anything they can do — there is. There are neighbors of ours that go to bed without enough to eat, and 75% of them are children and the elderly. I’d be honored if you wanted to make a donation to the North Texas Food Bank or Houston Area Food Bank. Just $1 provides three meals. That’s a game-changer to a hungry child, a senior or a working mom.

Thank you for your concern.