Penny Parker and her husband Scott.

At-large Operations Manager Penny Parker has been part of the BMG team since its founding in 2000, but her affiliation with Greg Graham and Calvin Mann dates back to 1992 when she joined their law practice prior to the formation of the firm.

Penny says there’s never been a dull moment in her BMG career, and her duties have ranged from setting up a new branch office to helping clients with shipping files. Today she manages two clients, reviewing their documents and drawing up loan docs for lenders.

When she took on her second client, Penny began working a bit from her home office and transitioned to working from home full-time when the pandemic hit. Today her entire team is home-based, and that includes her daughter Brittany Espinosa, who Penny first hired when she and her husband Chris were stationed at Yokota AFB in Japan. Penny is happy to have her daughter’s family — including her three precious grandsons — back stateside but remembers an incredible trip she and Scott took to visit some years ago. She’s also a proud grandmother to two special granddaughters, children of her stepson Daniel Parker and wife Libby in Ohio.

Asked why she’s stayed with the firm for more than 20 years (and more than 28, if you count her time with Greg and Calvin), Penny says, “The integrity of the firm’s leadership is important to me, and I really appreciate our charitable outreach and philosophy of taking care of people in the communities we serve. From the very beginning, our leaders have credited employees for making the firm successful, and that’s why people love working here.”


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