IT Manager James Pisanich

When Flower Mound-based IT Manager James Pisanich reflects on the last 12 months, he’s most proud of his BMG family’s ability to adapt to new ways of working while continuing the firm’s brand of excellent customer service. When the pandemic first hit 12 months ago, James and the IT team were tasked with developing a plan to move the majority of the team to home offices.

The new work plan required some quick thinking on transitioning the team’s work environment, ensuring seamless support for the clients over a period of record-setting volumes. James remembers testing network on a few work-issued computers to ensure the integrity of new system, and quickly developing training tools – with directions and photos – to help the team with everything from hooking up a computer to troubleshooting IT issues from home.

James and the IT team also utilizes go-to assist that allows the IT team to access team members’ computers and fix issues remotely. He says he’s always enjoyed a good challenge, supporting his colleagues with critical outside-the-box thinking like visualizing and problem-solving from a different location.

While he misses seeing his team regularly in-person, James says there have been many upsides to working from home, including spending more time with his wife Shana, and four young children, who range in age from 9 months to seven years old. As the family’s chef, James also enjoys preparing family favorites like hamburgers on the grill and homemade French toast.

Thank you for all you do for our team, James!


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