Learn about BM&G's proprietary technology


Mortgage technology that prioritizes speed and efficiency. Instantly upload documents and have them delivered in mere seconds.


An easy-to-use online loan portal streamlines your user experience, guaranteeing a greater level of accuracy and productivity.


Our platform takes a holistic approach to the loan process. Effortlessly interface with your loan origination software and track loans from document creation to delivery.


Systemwide implementation of 256-bit SSL encryption technology ensures that your information remains safe and secure.


We interface with many of the industry’s top loan origination systems. Our custom engine allows us to quickly create and customize dynamic interfaces to meet your needs.

Document Preparation Technology

Our exclusive nationwide residential mortgage loan document preparation software is used by our clients, and even our competitors, for drawing state and federally compliant at-settlement loan packages. Our packages include all required disclosures and are compliant with secondary mortgage market requirements. Custom packages are available upon request

Interface Capabilities

Our exclusive loan origination software interface helps our clients transact at enhanced speed by taking advantage of our mortgage technology. Through an online portal, our clients utilize this site to effortlessly interface with their specific loan origination software, verify and edit any loan information prior to submission of document preparation requests, track their loans from the document creation to delivery, and ensure the security of sensitive information by utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption technology.

Secure Delivery

Our exclusive web-based electronic document delivery system enables us to deliver documents directly to the title company or lender with enhanced efficiency and security by utilization of 256-bit SSL encryption technology coupled with our secure proprietary communication methods.

Digital Mortgage Product

BM&G has partnered with Pavaso —a leading digital mortgage technology provider—to offer clients a digital mortgage solution. Utilize BM&G’s proprietary system to produce hybrid or fully digital packages with eVaulting capabilities. Contact your Client Relations Specialist to learn more about the BM&G digital mortgage solution.