We are thrilled that our former Legal Assistant Sarah Silberman was accepted by the University of Pennsylvania and is now pursuing a master’s degree in Criminology there. When she was hired as part of our first legal assistant class recruited and trained virtually, we knew she was bound for greatness!

Before joining our firm, Sarah graduated from Rice University in May 2020. No doubt, she is very passionate about research and education. She loves learning, and after achieving her master’s degree, she plans to attend law school, perhaps in Texas.

“My ultimate goal is to become a prosecutor in the area of sex crimes, making sure those who’ve trafficked and abused women are brought to trial and punished,” Sarah told us. “My goal is to come back to Texas one day because my heart is here. I’m very family-oriented and have family and many friends who are in Austin and throughout the state.”

Education and achieving goals run in Sarah’s family. Her older brother is finishing law school in Massachusetts, and her other brother works in finance in Connecticut.

Sarah, we thank you for being part of the BMG family, and wish you all the best at UPenn!