BM&G Managing Partner Thomas E. Black Jr. recently sat down with Housing Wire for an executive profile piece about doing business in Texas and what distinguishes the firm from others. Here’s one Q&A from that article:

HW: BM&G places a premium on living out its values. What are some of the firm’s core values, and how do clients benefit from them?

TB: In the firm’s early days, we realized the importance of establishing values as a foundation for our business. Values govern how we treat each other and our clients, and keep us grounded and focused. We’ve made a video about our values that are posted on our website, and we emphasize them regularly when employees are on-boarded and at company meetings.

At Black, Mann & Graham, we will:

•          Conduct ourselves with integrity and trust.

•          Maintain a customer focus – every customer, every contact.

•          Demonstrate a caring attitude for our clients and for each other.

•          Insist on teamwork and honest communication.

•          Treat one another with respect.

•          Improve continuously.

Living our charge to “improve continuously,” we set a goal of becoming the “Disney of Doc Prep” earlier this year. Like Disney, we started by defining our purpose – that intangible goal bigger than merely preparing documents.  For us, our purpose is to partner with our clients to make the American Dream a reality. To achieve that purpose, we have to set quality standards much like Disney.  For our firm, that means being prompt, personable and precise.

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