Continuing this month with our new profile series by asking our team members to answer eight questions about themselves – from fun facts to superpowers and the best part of working at BM&G. Next up: Client Relations Specialist Rachelle Rowan!

  1. BM&G office location … Austin.
  1. Number of years at BM&G … Almost 10.
  1. Fun fact about you … I have also been a client of BM&G.
  1. Favorite hobby/pastime … Crossfit with my son, skating with my son or watching him compete in in-line long and short track events.
  1. Best part of my job is … The people and relationships.
  1. I start my day by … Being so grateful.
  1. If I had a superpower, it would be … Telepathy.
  1. Best way to contact you … Phone at 512.657.6013.