“Just wanted to say thank you for all the support you guys have given us. As you know we started originating loans in Texas a little over a year ago and during that time the mortgage industry was slammed and finding a Texas attorney taking on new clients was near impossible. We were recommended to reach out to Black, Mann, and Graham, LLP as they were known for their great service, quick and efficient process, and reputable business.

Even though you guys serviced large clients and some of the mortgage giants we appreciate that you were able to take us on and work with us to get set up originating in Texas. You guys have helped us every step of the way and made sure to give us any support even when it comes to matters outside of reviewing Texas docs. You have always been available and are always willing to help no matter the issue. Everyone there is willing to work with us to provide support to resolve any issue that comes up.

Just want to thank everyone at Black, Mann, and Graham for the support, professionalism, and dedication they have shown and we value our business relationship with you greatly.”

– Ryan Barlow, The Loan Store