Maintaining a customer focus and demonstrating a caring attitude for our clients are two of our six core values. These principles guide our team and our philosophy, so it’s particularly gratifying when we get this note:

I would email you all individually but with my luck I’d leave someone off….

I really wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for working so so so hard on my company’s behalf. We have all had our lives flipped upside down over the past few weeks, 80%+ of both our companies are working remotely and business is crazy busy! Even with all of that, you continue to provide us with amazing support and I am so so grateful.

I have a saying, “Character is measured in how you handle the bad, not the good” and I hope you know in times like these you have always stepped up to handle our account, you are all amazing.

Please know you are a part of my team and I am grateful for everything.

Brandon Haefele, Catalyst Mortgage

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