Hector Tavera, a Legal Assistant in Flower Mound, says his family’s Thanksgiving is pretty simple — but you can always count on it being a well-executed, delicious feast. The planning starts a month before the holiday when Hector, his sister and brothers start discussing what dishes they’ll prepare. Because the family is first-generation Mexican-American, there’s really no precedent for what to cook, so they review a myriad of potential ideas. One thing is for certain: there will be copious amounts of decadent carbs like last year’s jalapeño-cheddar mac-n-cheese, with a bacon and breadcrumb topping.

Hector says he and his siblings have heated discussions on what foods make the final cut for the menu, with their motivation driven by their grandmother, Doña Maria, who instilled a love for cooking in the family. He says it’s not just about the sustenance or gustatory pleasure from sharing the Thanksgiving meal, but about creating and sharing it in homage to his grandmother, while celebrating her and the cherished memories of her in the kitchen. So, although the dishes may not resemble his grandmother’s mole or tamales, the intention behind each dish is not so different, and for that, he’s thankful for his grandmother. Sounds like a special celebration to us, Hector!